The high quality of visitor is what separates ScotPlant from other shows.

So says Sean Heron, Managing Director of Worlsey Plant (pictured right).
They’ve been at the last seven ScotPlant exhibitions and have always enjoyed great success.
Sean said, “I absolutely love coming up here, it’s a great show.
Sean Heron, Managing Director, Worlsey Plant“What makes it special for me is the fact you have more time with people.
“Unlike a lot of the other shows, it seems a very high quality of customer who comes along. They take the business very seriously. I just find the standard of visitor here is very high.
“We always have good success at ScotPlant. It’s one of the reasons why we look forward to coming here so much.
“The profile of customers we’re dealing with are the smaller groundworks contractors. They know what they want to buy, they’ve researched it before they come on to the stand.
“We always leave here with a nice healthy order book.”
Worsley Plant specialise in crushing, screening, demolition and recycling attachments.
Sean said the Scottish market remains vitally important to the firm.
“We want to reinforce the message that we’re present in the Scottish market,: he added. “We’ve just appointed a new sales guy for Scotland and we’re opening up a new yard here as well.
“We’re investing more every time we come up here. We’ve got a great history of customers up here who we’ve been dealing with for the past 15 years or so.
“It’s a market we enjoy working in. There’s always plenty of craic as well!
“The sector we’re in is all about trying to put forward ways for costs to be saved on site so we’ve done quite well over the hard times. Our products show there are easier ways for money to be saved – we’re recycling more materials onsite.
“We’ve done well for the past 5-7 years with this product line and I think there’s a lot more to come.”