SIBBALD Training Ltd raised almost £300 for the Lighthouse Club, the construction industry charity, at ScotPlant.

David Sibbald, Managing Director of the West Lothian-based training company, who carry out throughout the world, said, “The construction industry has supported us for the past 40 years so we’re happy to put some money back into it.
The Lighthouse ClubThe Lighthouse Club is a charity for anyone who works in the industry. If they happen to fall ill or get hurt on a site, the charity will help with expenses – it might even be just going to hospital. People may have to get buses or pay for car parking.
“If somebody has cancer, it can be a long-term thing and cost a lot of money to look after these people, so the funds from the Lighthouse Club can help with that.”
Sibbald have been to every ScotPlant and David said it’s vital that such an event exists in Scotland.
“Scottish companies want somewhere to show off their wears and this is THE show for doing this.
“These shows are very important it’s good to have one in Scotland. There’s nothing else like this here, you’d have to go down south.”
The Sibbald stand gave visitors to opportunity to test their operator skills with a simulator.
David added, “For us, this show is mostly about visibility. We need to be seen. People remember this and remember your name – that’s what it’s all about.
“We used to attend the old Hamilton Plant show and we’ve now been at every ScotPlant. We’ve had different competitions over the years and raised a lot of money for charity.
“People of all ages can try out the simulator to see how they can handle the machines.”