JCC Engcon will be showcasing the latest EC10 purchase by Eddie Warrener of Moorlands Specialist Excavations at Scotplant. In conjunction with Eddie and our engineers, they have specified the control systems to precise requirements in which must surely be the most efficient & detailed specification of any tiltrotator in the UK.

This includes the new generation2 EC209 tiltrotator with 45 degree angle, integrated pincer grab and L8 joysticks with track control, blade control, 3 rollers & 5 buttons each side, all programmable from inside the cab allowing for the attachment control required. This engcon installation is in conjunction with a full low ground pressure conversion which includes lengthening, widening, recovery winch, forestry protection, blade extension and new chains & wide pads.

Low ground pressure conversion to forestry forwarder
JCC will also be showcasing the revolutionary low ground pressure works recently installed onto a forestry forwarder for Drew Graham Contracting. This involves redesigning the axle & chassis of the forwarder to work with 2000mm tracks to ensure maximum areas of operation & low ground pressure capabilities. Detailed engineering design by our John Craig ensured that the tracks were fabricated to exact specifications and with additional links for support. This is the only one of it’s kind operating in the UK, and perhaps even in Europe, and is a tremendous accomplishment for both Drew and John.


Find us at ScotPlant 2014 at Avenue D, Stand 5.

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