Steelwrist have launched several new Tiltrotators with safety being the key focus. The X18 was the first launched with Front Pin Lock Technology (FPL) in May 2013, followed by the X26 and X20. Now ALL Steelwrist Tiltrotators and Quick Couplers have Front Pin Lock™.

Dropped buckets remain one the biggest causes for serious injury within the construction industry. The reported number of injuries are high, and will only ever increase with the correct reporting of these accidents. Safety remains at the forefront of everyone’s mind and high on all agendas.

Steelwrist’s Front Pin Lock Technology allows a safe environment to change tools for both Quick Couplers and Tiltrotators. Compared to other solutions it works well with all types and sizes of excavators, including both new and old, with all types of control systems. Allowing all machines to meet the same high level of safety.

Traditional Quick Couplers & Tiltrotators don’t show that the bucket is fixed, allowing the driver to believe he is correctly connected, when you discover the mistake it is too late. With FPL, it allows the driver to see when the bucket is in a safe position. The objective when developing the FPL concept was to keep an unchanged connection procedure, low build height and at the same time making it impossible to drop the bucket, we feel we have done this successfully.

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