SALES of construction equipment in the UK remained ‘strong’ in July at 31% above the levels seen in the same month last year, new research has uncovered.

In total, sales in the first seven months of this year were 66% up on 2020 levels, as the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic continues to gather pace. This amount to over 22,000 units.

Sales are also ahead of 2019 levels despite concerns about supply chain constraints for components and parts.

The figures were produced by the construction equipment statistics exchange, which is run by Systematics International Ltd. This scheme is run in partnership with the Construction Equipment Association (CEA).

Sales have been strongest in Scotland and the north west of England, at more than double last year’s levels so far. Weaker sales growth is being seen in the West Midlands and Wales, at 28% to 35% above last year’s levels respectively.

Telehandlers for the construction industry are the machines seeing the strongest growth, with sales more than double last year’s levels at this stage. Road rollers have also doubled on last year’s levels.

The ‘weakest’ sales are being seen from mini/midi excavators, with the rate of increase easing back to 49% this year, after being the strongest growing product type in 2020.