For the love of Pod: Nixon Hire to showcase emissions-reducing product

NIXON Hire will use the ScotPlant exhibition to demonstrate how the firm’s Solar Pods can power multiple accommodation units on site using solar power, removing the need for a mains power source or traditional diesel generator. 

The hire specialist said the pods are a great way to keep sites environmentally friendly by reducing carbon and noise emissions, whilst also reducing fuel costs.

Nixon revealed that on one project, over 129 tonnes of carbon was saved on a site as a result of using the Solar Pod product. The site configuration saw 30 Nixon Hire sleeper cabins, otherwise known as Snoozepods, powered by nine of the pods. 

By opting for a solar pod in favour of a traditional generator, the site reported carbon savings of 129,599kg in local CO2 emissions as well as a silent running time of 93%.

Graham Nixon, Nixon Hire MD said, “With the largest solar product fleet for hire in the UK Nixon Hire have heavily invested into the ever-growing renewables sector and the company has positioned itself as the industry leader in solar innovation. Solar Pods generate energy by effortlessly harnessing sunlight via solar PV panels. This energy is either instantly converted into power or surplus is stored in an internal battery bank.  

“The unit is further support by a back-up generator which only kicks in when the solar resource has been depleted. In short, free and zero carbon energy is used and created as long as sunlight is available to the unit making it suitable for use in the UK all year round. 

“We are delighted that the hard work that we have put into developing and promoting the Solar Pod has been recognised by a Green Apple Award.”

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